Peace “Pay Forward” # 69

I greet The Indwelling Peace.

 Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Peace.  Palm Sunday - at this time in our world could use the promise of hope that Holy Week and Easter bring, during this crisis of faith.  Are we able to believe and trust in our Creator?  Those that attend their church for worship and support is unable to, during this time for reflection and dedication; spiritual power temper with spiritual poise and confidence in the future.  However, today that is all called into question. We have a similar problem in A.A.; we cannot have our meeting in person, where we share our experience strength and hope; to carry the message, a way of life that really works.  Zoom, and the other ways to communicate are better than nothing, but it does leave a lot to be desired for me, face to face is hard to beat.  When we realize and accept our powerlessness, the answer for many of us, is the same; turn to our Higher Power. We have a set of spiritual tool, principles we can use.  For the guidance we need, we can seek through prayer and meditation.  If we really want to share the love and gifts, we have freely received, we will find a way.  Christians and all others that want to carry their message will be given the way. When I look back on the hopeless bottoms I’ve experience, I know our Father had a purpose for me, and I trust Him now.  Thy Love, Thy Will be done.