Spiritual Substance “Pay Forward” # 67

I greet The Indwelling Building Materials.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Spiritual Substance; what things are made of.  Substance exists in a realm of ideas and is most powerful and fulfilling when we use it in union with the indwelling Presence.  In other words, we may use it to build a foundation which can stand both storms and glory.  Spiritual substance is the source of all material wealth and cannot suffer loss or destruction by the human thought. As my hero said, “I have meat to eat that ye know not.” We all have it know it or not.  Any seeds words we plant [sincere affirmations – believing], in the indwelling Presence, Spirit substance will germinate and grow and bring forth fruit “after their kind.” I choose the word-ideas that well be in harmony with my heart’s desire; my purposeful life, I have come to realize that the indwelling Presence within us is always conspiring for our good.  On my serendipity journey, there have been a good many detours, roadblocks, a few really bad emotional storms, and all kinds of obstacles getting in the way to my spiritual growth and recovery, most of which were the illusions I made up.  I am learning to use my memory but not let my memory use me. Through prayer and meditation, I have the gift of spiritual discernment, enabling me to see the difference between my personal “reality” and REALITY.  I am so grateful for the opportunities to share.  Thy Love, Thy Will be done.