Love Is Forgiveness – We Can’t Have One Without The Other “Pay Forward” #67

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - Love Is Forgiveness – We Can’t Have One Without The Other. I believe there is always a purpose for everything. When I am unable to come to terms with something important, I ask our Father with all my heart, mind and soul for help, most often I get a workable answer. A case in point, how can I truly love everyone, even my enemies? My starting point is to accept that I cannot love and forgive all; it’s beyond my pay-grade. I’m willing to surrender all of me to our Father, praying that His Love and His Will be done. My greatest Hero repeated the importance of forgiveness and love, often. Other great spiritual teachers shared the same principle, “Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love, this is the eternal rule.” Standing up and defending our “rights” by taking another’s “rights” away is generating much of the hatred in our world. Yes, there has been great wrongs done to humans by humans, but it is a mistake to do wrong to the wrong-doers. We need more love and forgiveness, not the “drug” guilt and punishment. If we are willing, our Father within, will enable us to express one love and one forgiveness at a time. We need not compete for our place in His intended world; it was given to us when we were created. Let us have the eyes to see His Presence within all, and the ears to hear His Holy Voice. Thy Love, They Will be done.