New Commitment – That We Love One Another “Pay Forward”#64

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – A New Commitment – That We Love One Another. At each beginning I will pause and affirm – I am our Father’s son and a loving brother to all. Following Mother Teresa’s suggestion, “Do small things with great love.” It is You, Father within me doing the works that we call life. There is a Presence within all expressions of life, leading us into a level of communication “too deep for words.” If we are willing to return to silence, contemplation the Divine Lover within will intuitively let His Presence be known. Our meeting place with our Father is Omnipresence within each of His creations, you and I included. Prayer and discursive meditation can bring us to a place of silence but is not the “too deep for words” place. Discursive meditation is a reasoning process in which words, event, people or things, are prayerfully pondered and reflected on. It is basically an activity of the intellect and reason, aided by grace. Contemplation may be described as a “resting” in our Father, it is a knowing beyond knowing, and it’s grace. We are each unique, only one of a kind and we have no real competitors. I am the one who is blocking me from being what our Father intended. I understand the saying let our eye be single, but I don’t act like, 24/7. Out of enlighten self-interest I’m willing to do and to be our Father’s Love and Will, help me. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.