Radical Change - A Challenge “Pay Forward” #62

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Radical Change - A Challenge. I resisted change at any level for as long as I can remember. Yet, after over 61 years as an active member of A.A. I cannot recall a time when change was a bad deal for me. I choose to own that useless patter of resistance to change and remind myself that everything has a purpose. I only need to allow our Father’s free flowing Love and Will to be done. This decision allows me to be miracle minded, open to a new beginning. I affirm with all my heart, mind and soul, that You, Father all things, all relationships are made new, reflecting Your miraculous Power. Some old problems are slow-burners; we come to believe they are Reality, not just our personal “reality.” Other problems come down hard and fast, like a bolt of lightning. Both are a very valuable part of our life, and an overall benevolent process taking place. The size of the change doesn’t matter when I accept it as a challenge; I’m most likely to do that when I treat it as if it has a purpose. A good challenge can bring out our best. Don’t tell me it is too late to do things differently. “So he just stepped up to the plate.” I could write a whole book on my experiencing change, all those I took on as a challenge turned out to be part of my spiritual journey, putting together the puzzle we call love. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.