How Can I Treat The Likes Of Me Holy? “Pay Forward” #57

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - How Can I Treat The Likes Of Me Holy? “You are all gods and the scripture cannot be broken” said our Loving Big Brother. If He knew the bad things I’ve done, how selfish, self-center, and weak I can be, He wouldn’t say we are all the children of our Loving Father, Creator. “Everything hidden will be uncovered.” No Wonder the story of the Prodigal Son touches the heart of the likes of me. I’ve been the Elder brother, I’ve been the Prodigal Son, I’ve been the witnesses, but on the other hand I’ve been as you and I were creator, in the image and likeness of the Father as the story goes. I’ve done and seen acts of unconditional, compassionate love expressed by A.A. members for those who are who are still suffering. Back to the basics on page 45 of our Big Book. “Lack of power, that was our dilemma. We had to find a power by which we could live, and it had to be a Power greater than ourselves. Obviously. But where and were we to find this Power? Well, that’s exactly what this book is about. Its main object is to enable you to find a Power greater than yourself which will solve your problem.” The part that leaves “Home” - is the part we made up. I’m willing to forgive all, and seek through prayer and meditation to improve my conscious contact with that Higher Self, within you and me. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.