Ideas “Pay Forward” # 57

I greet The Indwelling Divine Ideas.

Today’s Pay Forward” gift is – Ideas.  Out of enlightened self-interest which of my ideas shall I dwell on?  I must choose wisely because they will become part of my experience.  An idea becomes the evolving power through which it makes itself manifested.  They spring forth and pass from mind to mind, being recorded as they go.  We bring divine ideas into expression by making ourselves one, with them; Thy Love and Thy Will be done.  And, they will be lifted up by those on a spiritual serendipity journey, and become part of our regeneration.  As the child is the father/mother’s creation, so is the idea to our mind.  Mind is coexistent with its ideas, and there is an ongoing interaction and communion.  Our spiritual inspiration in us is an inflow of divine ideas.  A.A. gives us the tools to awaken us to that infinite flow.  Let heart, mind and soul be open to the inner voice, of intuition, our Father first language; it is not bound by time or space.  We must own the ideas we choose to dwell on because they are a big part of what determines our experience.  Miracles can and do happen as the result of a changed, awakened consciousness and that is accomplished through prayer and meditation and practicing the spiritual tools given us.  What a boring world it would be if we all saw everything the same.  No other person can eat and digest our food [ideas] for us. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.