Giving Of Ourselves

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is giving of ourselves.  Openly or silently I say, come let me encourage you to love more, to heal, to teach, to forgive, to accept your empowerment, your enlightenment and your enrichment.  Let us communicate, co-create and expand our awakening to the Infinite Power and Divine Loving Presence within, supplying us all we need to do and to be His Love, His Will.  I choose to share this affirmation with the most difficult at the most difficult time, silently.  There are those who would resist this gift openly if they knew of it.  If we choose we can turn to our Father’s silent, invisible Presence within and extend our gifts of love.  Sharing is most enjoyable and easy for me when I am sharing my mission openly with one who wants it.  It is fulfilling to give our gifts when asked, perhaps it is more important to give when unasked.  I believe our mission is to share our Father’s Love and His Will.  Alcoholics Anonymous affirms the same mission.  Thy Love, Thy Will be done.