Only The Wounded Soldier Can Serve

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is love’s healing. “In love’s service only the wounded soldier can serve" (Thornton Wilder). When I arrived at A.A.’s doors, I was deeply withdrawn. I retreated within, building a wall to keep people out. As an ex-Marine, the thought of retreating was repulsive. I was not the hero I once dreamed of; alcohol wounded me, not the war. I desperately needed love’s service, but I didn’t have a clue how to receive or give love’s service. My communication was limited to self-talk, mostly negative. I soon discovered the wounded soldiers in love’s services were A.A.’s sober alcoholics. By our Father’s grace, a little group of A.A. members took me under their protective wing. My home and my office were not a pleasant place to hang out. I would hang out at our A.A. meeting place as often as I could. It didn’t matter if there was only one other person there I would hang out for hours until it was "safe." One person I could count on being at A.A.’s Club 12 was a woman's name Bee. She was our sandwich maker and a real talker. Bee was one of the wounded who was living the A.A. Program. I become a real listener. Living the A.A. Program by our Father’s grace, I could recognize the love servers; these became my mentors. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.