"Just Do It"

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is “Just do it." Here I go again, taking on another difficult project, beyond my pay grade. If my history holds true to form I will use of the recommend “stuff” I am gathering, before I pass it on. If staying busy keeps us alive and youthful I should be around a very long time. It’s about time I come to terms with the fact that activity and productive are different. Could it be possible that I am kissing up to our Father to prove I am striving for His perfection? I am a big believer in exercise. Spiritual exercise expands my faith and keeps my quest for a Divine union going. Physical exercise contributes to my health and improves my balance; elders often have balance problems. Mental exercise fosters an open mind and expanding consciousness. Exercising emotionally has awakened my love and exposes my not love. Social exercise is another name for service. Offering my “Pay Forward" gift for the day “Just do it” is keeping my project moving and growing. Nike may send me a “Just do it” T-Shirt or perhaps a patch I can put on for the “Just it on stuff," of course that’s an “outside issue." Thy Love, Thy Will be done.