Evolution – Our Ongoing Awakening “Pay Forward” # 51

I greet The Indwelling Unfoldment.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Evolution - Our Ongoing Awakening.  What we are experiencing is the result of the evolution of our consciousness, and the result of the seed sown in our minds when we were created, that is ever unfolding.  First were the involution and then the evolution.  The oak tree is in the acorn.  The indwelling Presence was in the individual before that person was born, and is an expression of our Father’s glory coming into this world. Without the Creator’s Divine seed in His image and likeness sown in the human, we would be little better than animals. It is the quality of life that determines its value; that is serving and loving others and ourselves, having dismantled our false self which allows the true self to emerge.  To be and to do our Father’s Love and Will, ensures us that we are making a difference in this world.  What if all 7.5 billion people took a moment to be and to do their Created Self?  We would experience the purpose for evolution.  In the meantime lets you and I do it.  It’s almost always appropriate to be vulnerable honest - be original - keep learning - it’s never too late to be you - learn from experience - listen to both sides of the story - do your part.  Let our visions, which comes through our heart and soul, guide us.   We are the ever unfolding; increasing the Spirit of divine understanding.  Thy Love, Thy Will be done.