Never Belong

Today’s Pay Forward” gift is social. I was born in 1930 the only child – with two brothers and two sisters. My mom and dad claimed me as theirs, however! I was sure I was from another planet until I joined Alcoholics Anonymous, until then I never felt like I belong anywhere. I identified with some of Alcoholics Anonymous members right away. Of course, they too may have been from another planet, maybe that’s the reason I identified with them. I am grateful that I was given service opportunities soon after joining Alcoholics Anonymous. A few of my hidden good and bad characteristics showed up. My healing and my growth began, in earnest, as I practiced the Program, and continues. My social life, fellow workers, friends and family become Alcoholics Anonymous’ fellowship, and still is. Within my first year, I viewed some Alcoholics Anonymous members as my sisters and brothers, A.A. as my mother, in which I was reborn and our Father as my Father. I could continue to stumble on try to find words to describe my A.A. experience and end by saying I love everything about my life as a member of Alcoholics Anonymous. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.