Come Here – Go Away At The Same Time, Hum “Pay Forward” #51

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Come Here – Go Away At The Same Time, Hum. Magnets don’t have anything on human beings; opposites attract, and likes repel. Take a brief inventory of the people you feel uncomfortable with and those you feel attracted to. The both are trying to tell us something about ourselves. Our lives are filled with examples of our experience of wanting not to do something wrong, and finding ourselves doing it. The other side of that coin; sometimes we want to do something good and find ourselves doing the opposite. We are wise to embrace those people or events that cause us to feel uncomfortable as long as they are not harmful. We are more likely to repel them, because they are confronting us with some aspects of ourselves we are trying to deny. Those people, who exemplify the qualities we want to possess more of, attract us. When someone compliments me or criticizes me I tell them silently or openly they are describing themselves, because if those qualities weren’t in them they find them in me. Those qualities may be the same as ours, we are attracted to those people or they may be the opposite and we are repelled by them, both are important messengers. I can then choose to love them or demagnetize them and be grateful for their message. Come let us love and attract more love, and demagnetize the not love. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.