Imagination Is More Powerful Than Knowledge

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is mental. I have always liked the movie; that's where I got some of his hero ideas. Batman was one of my first heroes; the avenger. I imagined one day I would punish the wrongdoers; that ideal took me down a violent road. “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge," wrote Albert Einstein. What I pictured in my mind, charged with feeling, I experienced as real and that left a lot to be desired. Who wrote my script and who directed my “show” (experience)? Some of my movies were written and directed by me. Some co-scripted, co-directed and co-produced by others when I let them service as my source, instead of our Father. Alcoholics Anonymous changed my scripting, my story line, my directing, my producing and the characters playing parts in my movies. Once I took on our Father as my Co-Scripture, Co-director and Co-producer, I consult Him before I do anything. I had to replace some of my main part-players with our Father’s understudies. I invite you to attend my movies, and I will come to some of yours. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.