Renunciation – Letting Go, Let God “Pay Forward” # 47

I greet The Indwelling Renunciation-er.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - Renunciation – Let Go, Let God.  When working A.As’ Steps we come face-to-face with the accumulated effects of our past.  For many of us, we have been weary treadmill travelers.  It was a burden for us until we were willing to own it, let it go, and let our Higher Power show us the way, truth and light.  Alcoholics Anonymous gives us to a fullness of an abundant life, complete forgiveness, a healing if we will allow it.  Most of us needed a shift from deep rooted negative and harmful stuff, real or illusion, to a way of life that works.  Fear is much like darkness, the only power it has is what we give it.  I better report this to the Boss, and do some affirmations.  My love my mission is not dependent on what others do, say thing or feel.  I’m dependent on our Father and His Team.  My love is an expression of the love we are created as, one-of-a kind.  I raise my conscious above the lack of love to the omnipresence of Divine Love and love returns; a healing power touching everything into wholeness.  There is an unseen presence of Divine Love in which we are created in the image and likeness.  In prayer and meditation we can be still even for an instant and we, are raised above our earthly problems to the silent invisible solution; our love is multiply.  Thy Love, The Will be done.