Alcoholics Anonymous A Spiritual Path

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is Spiritual. Being on a Spiritual path, Alcoholics Anonymous, we can stop fighting and let our Father do for us what we cannot do alone and unaided. Life will unfold as it should, and we don’t have to struggle or force situations to go our way. As a sober A.A., we can stop dealing with a hostile world if we choose. Trusting our Father enables us to surrender our will and life over to His care. Each time we let Him do for us what we cannot our faith grows. By practicing our faith in all our affairs our faith turns into what I call an intuitive abiding faith. An intuitive abiding faith work like an intuitive wisdom; a deeper than words knowing all is being taken care of. The Divine Design Purpose everyone was created for has an ongoing supply as needed. Our intuitive abiding faith keeps us open to that infinite flow into this finite being. Our personal "reality," often tell us something, to the contrary; one good reason to practice prayer, meditation and affirmations daily. It does not change our Father, but it changes our understanding. The purpose of the crisis of faith is to bring us to a radical willingness to live by faith in our Father’s grace. Perhaps this is the only insurance policy that guarantees that we will live a whole and complete life. Let us choose consciously to do and to be our Father’s Will and His Love and look to Him for the results. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.