Expanding “Pay Forward” #41

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Expanding. “When faith grows into confidence, the crisis of faith has done its work and the crisis itself is resolved” Thomas Keating. Working A.A.’s spiritual principles our faith in our Higher Power expands, awakening confidence. “It works… it really does.” The crisis of our faith is resolved into an experience of loving service. Every day we are sober and every time we share the gifts we’ve been freely given, our confidence in this way of life expands and multiplies. Openly or silently I say come let me encourage you to love more, to heal, to teach, to forgive, to accept your empowerment, your enlightenment and your enrichment. Let us communicate, co-create and expand our awakening to the Infinite Power and Divine Love within, supplying us all we need to do His will. Yes, I will, I have, I am. Our Father is Love, so why is it too often we look upon Him as our last resource? We go to Him because we have nowhere else to go. At birth we need tender love and care, because that is the image and likeness of our Creator. A.A. is an expression of love. Love is our deepest need and our highest achievement. Come let us encourage one another to love more by loving more. Love is a great healer. Love is our greatest teacher. Love overcomes the need for forgiveness. Love is a great communicator of our Father’s Will. Love co-creates the real world. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.