Love Is “Pay Forward” # 40

I greet The Indwelling Love.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - Love Is – touching everyone – thing into Wholeness.  Divine Love joins us all into a wonderful union.  We were all created in a way that we have to share with other, and that is love at the most basic level, it is a harmonizing, constructive power.  “Our common welfare should come first.” Most of us in A.A. had to learn that.  However, far too many worldwide have not awakened yet.  “We are people who normally would not mix”  Because in A.A. we share in a common peril and solution we are most likely to experience many forms of love.  I tried to make all love fit into one love and it was far too limiting.  I am blessed with our Father’s divine love and six human expressions of love. My fear, my lack of understanding and trust of love, causing me to withhold and withdraw.  Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of living A.As’ Steps and Traditions, that defect has been transformed, enabling me to give of myself freely.  Any unloving condition is no longer a bar to my giving of myself; in fact it is an incentive.  I am learning to cultivate an attitude of love and gratitude.  When I fall in a negative ditch I find someone to share the program with, or just do a little random act of love; that’s the wise thing to do.  Thy Love, Thy Will be done. – free download “Six Loves” workbook.