Wasp In A Cup

Today’s “Pay Forward gift is social. Every once in a while in the office I was in at the time, a wasp would get trapped. The trapped wasp would land on the glass window seeking freedom. I made a decision early in Alcoholics Anonymous that I would not kill anything I was not going to eat; I don’t eat wasp. To free the wasp, I would take a cup and place over the wasp when I landed on the window, closing it in with a piece of paper. I would take it outside to freedom. This time the wasp landed on my computer at one end of my office. On the other end about 40 feet away was a closet where I kept my supply of cups. Keeping an eye on the wasp I walked backward to the closet. I was holding the cup when the wasp flew into my cup. I felt a rush of love and gratitude, even now as I write about the event. I felt at one with all of nature, with the universe and most important a loving union with our Father. I felt a moment of healing, forgiveness deeper than words. It was almost 11 A.M., time to go to my A.A. meeting. I knew the topic was going to be; wasp flying into a cup. Yesterday morning a bird was trapped inside the gym I go to. I was praying he would fly over to me, and I could save him, taking him outside for all to see. I would recapture the wonderful experience I had with the wasp many years ago. When I got close to the bird, he took off in a fearful panic. I was not his way to freedom but a feared enemy to avoid at all cost. I asked myself, self what went wrong, what was the difference between my wasp experience and the bird? The only motive I had for dealing with the wasp was to set it free. My desire was to share my spiritual experience; a deep loving gratitude to our Father. With the bird, my first thoughts were how spiritual I was going to look. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.