No Longer In Uncharted Waters “Pay Forward” #4

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – No Longer In Uncharted Waters. Father I am as you created me, Your son and a loving brother to all. I have come to the realization that my affirmation this morning is absolutely true. I am willing to continue my radical training being a faithful son and a loving brother to all I share with. When I fail to demonstrate what it means to be a faithful son and loving brother, like the Prodigal Son I turn back Home AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. My too sensitive nature is slowly being transformed from the negative, to expressions of loving service. My defect of selfish and self-centeredness is becoming more of and enlighten self-centeredness, I enjoy being a loving brother, and acting like our Father’s son. By practicing A.A.’s Spiritual principle I am no longer in uncharted water, thanks to those who has gone before me. As children of our Father we are no longer bound by the material limitations. Willingness to do and to be His Will and His Love is perfect freedom. When my dad was on his deathbed he said; his regrets were for the things he didn’t do. My question is what have I left undone? Accept what is revealed to me and do it, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. My love interrupts the past and opens the loving future to share. I choose to give of myself here and now, I will not pass this way again. Thy Will, Thy Love be done.