No News Is Good News?

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is mental. For twenty-five years, I did not watch, listen or read the "news." I believed that not “doing the news” was spiritual. I missed an opportunity to contribute something constructive instead of avoiding the not good. After “doing the news” for a while, I realized I was changing seats on a sinking ship and not making a real difference. During my early Alcoholics Anonymous days, I had a childlike innocence; everything was a God-Thing. I experienced one miracle after another. For some time, I have been trying to recapture that childlike innocence as an adult like innocence. Accepting my personal "reality” “…by our words we are justified, and by our words, we shall be condemned.” The “news” maybe good or not good but it is not the adult like innocence I truly want and need. Intuitive wisdom tells me there is one common Solution; our Father’s Love and His Will. I choose to practice His Love and His Will in all my affairs. When I fall short, I choose to forgive myself and all others. If I cannot forgive myself and or others, I choose to call on our Father to do what I cannot. Come let us “Pay Forward” all the good news we can find and when the news is negative let us handed it over to our Father. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.