Walk In The Light

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is mental. I went on a walk before daylight, the street was dimly lit, and it’s hard to see the sidewalk’s uneven in places or bumps. I feared I would trip over one of these sidewalk hazards, so I was walking in the bicycle-lane. Along came a biker, I had to step on the sidewalk and sure enough I tripped and hit the ground. You would think by now I would have learned that telling myself not to think about tripping is thinking about tripping, mostly likelihood I will have a tripping experience. I think I will think about what I want to experience. I am responsibility for my decision, thoughts and actions and I choose to look to our Father for the results. I choose to start each beginning or shift in my attention to centering my consciousness in our Father, by saying, “our Father," I am more likely to think of Him as my Source. After all, He gave each of us a purpose when He created us, so I look to Him for everything we need to carry out His Divine Design. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.