The Information Age “Pay Forward” #27

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - The Information Age. I am receiving whatever it takes to rewrite and rewire my personal “reality” with the Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, social equivalents of Your Will, Father, for me on my serendipity journey Home to You. We live in an “Information Age” never lacking information about anything worldwide. We must choose what we are to focus on. Finding our Father’s Will and living it the best we can, improving our conscious contact with Him is the solution for me. My problems are self-induced through the misuse of the “Information Age”. I choose to practice A.A.’s Spiritual Principles the best I can and not wait for a “spontaneous remission.” I am seeking a conscious contact with our Father often, because that’s where my solutions come from. I am persistent in my seeking, redefining and upgrading my heart’s desire and I’m following what I find. I have a dwelling faith in our Father’s way of life, His Love and His Will being done, as I understand it, subject to change without notice. This faith in our Father’s grace keeps working on and on and on after my reason is exhausted. Seeing with the eyes of faith has given me a true prospectus of the realm of Reality. Every time I pray, meditation; sowing the love seeds I want to grow through spiritual affirmation, and nourishing them until harvest time, my faith continues to expand and grow. Each choice I make has a consequence. I’m choosing for, Thy Love, Thy Will be done.