Worst Enemy Is Fear

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is emotional. My worst enemy is fear. A very wise Being suggested that we are to love our enemy. What once seemed impossible for me is no longer, having received the promise of intuitively knowing how to follow His suggestion. When I embrace my fear, instead of stuffing it or letting it run wild my fear changes its nature. Embracing is an expression of love. As I embrace my fear, I realize it is an illusion, or it is a real problem calling for a solution or acceptance. That simple embrace drains most of the negative emotion out of the event. Then I can return to our Father for the solution and for healing. Positive and negative emotions are part of our Divine Guidance System, showing us what works and what does not. Let us turn within to our Father asking Him for whatever it takes to do His Will, His Love and then let’s do it. As we receive our Father’s compassionate love and tender mercy let us “Pay Forward” the gift to others, silently or openly.  Thy Love, Thy Will be done.