Today’s Pay Forward” gift is physical. Setting our physical body apart from other parts; Spiritual, mental, emotion or social is not a good idea. No wonder it gets lonely and craves all kinds of feel-good stuff. Let us reattach it As Soon As Possible with the rest of our created being. Our body is a Spiritual expression of our Father, “…the Lord has need of it." Our Father not only created our individual body, He keeps it alive daily by transforming the food we eat into everything we need to live. Our physical body reacts to our beliefs, good and not good. Our physical body is a playground and workplace for our emotional and mental stuff. Our body lets us know when it approves or disapproves; we can tell if it wants to be social. A friend was telling me how important it is mentally and emotionally to keep physical clutter out of our home and office. I walked out to his car, when he opened his car door, I could see what he had done with his clutter. An auto mechanic would tell us not to put sugar or water in our gas tank. I was told too many times what not to put into my physical body and did it anyway. I choose to put the right fuel in my physical body today and clear up my physical clutter where ever I find it. I choose to have a “family reunion” with my physical body hosting, inviting all my other parts; Spiritual, mental, emotion and social. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.