Fearless Peace “Pay Forward” #18

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Fearless Peace. My Hero did not use the “drug” guilt and punishment. My created higher self, I pray, may be at all levels in His image and likeness. Too much of my life has been wasted on defending my rights and the rights of the underdog, closing me off from the peace I longed for. I did not realize I was hiding my fears behind anger, trying the punishment or at least make the “bullies” feel guilt. I started fighting those who were unfair when I was fourteen years old. All the anger, self-pity I had been stuffing sprang forth. I began my guilt and punishing crusade, due to the smallness physical, I would try to make my punishing appear as an accident, but when I started using tools of violence my motive came out of hiding. Practicing A.A. spiritual principles set me on a path of peace and understanding of spiritual realities. However, I stuffed my violence and I made myself feel guilty and punished myself for any thought or act of violence. Years of feel good about punishing the wrong doers did not leave overnight. I had to come to the realization of the spirit of love within me, longing to be expressed. Our awakening to our Father within and our created higher-self renews our mind and body and affairs by changing my thoughts and actions. As you and I practice these spiritual principles, through the grace of a fearless peace, we make a good difference. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.