Our First Language, Silence “Pay Forward” #17

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Our First Language, Silence. “Everything else is a poor interpretation” Father Tomas Keating. Are we practicing our first language silence when we are writing? My deepest love, seem to be in the silence of my soul, perhaps it is because I can freely express it without fear of its rejection. “No one ever loses when one trusts love” Rickie Byars. But, I am reminded that my deepest love is without conditions. But, even that unconditional love stays conditional until I share it with another. Is my writing a true demonstration of love? So, it is safe enough if I share it silently. The question is that really sharing? In my awakening writings I am intending to be of loving service. Most of my writing will never be read, so does that count as an expression or demonstration of love? Can I really worship our Father in spirit/consciousness and Truth/Reality silently without an outer demonstration? Isn’t that the faith I need, but faith without works is dead? Can these works be in the silence of my soul? Is it the silence that I infuse love and gifts to be manifested? “The Lord is in His temple; let all the earth be silent before Him” Habakkuk. But, isn’t His temple within each of us? Only my loving thoughts are real, so let me be realistic. Come; let me love you, silently or openly as you will. Well, enough questions, let us be on our loving way. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.