A Sober Life

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is mental. Action is the magic word. Until we are living a sober life or at least not drinking, why would anyone believe us? I was surprised when I was six months without alcohol to drink. I found it hard to believe, so why would I expect others to believe me? Let us remember the father/mother of our actions is the silent decision, thoughts and beliefs, conscious of or not, which preceded the action. Separating actions from our Spiritual, mental, emotional storehouse is not only oversimplifying our human condition but does not hold us responsibility. Our prayers, meditations, affirmations, thoughts and feelings do matter, every single one count. Our actions are proof of what we really believe not the absences of beliefs. Tradition Three “The only requirement for A.A. membership is a desire to stop drinking.” The first requirement for anything we really want is a desire. Our motive for wanting can be anything that gets us to that desire, which comes out of our Spiritual, mental, emotional storehouse. Acting our way into sobriety is a good decision. Working the Steps and Traditions will uncover and discover the conditions and causes that get into the way of a sober, joyful, happy and free life. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.