A Stranger At Our Door “Pay Forward” # 161

I Greet The Indwelling Presence.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – A Stranger At Our Door.  Why is it so difficult to love ourselves?  Why do so many feel shame sharing that they love themselves?  To fully love myself I must love the stranger, because the stranger is that part of me I am denying.  I’m grateful to A.A. for giving me a way to re-own that part of me that I have hidden or never accept; the “stranger,” and my “neighbor.”  Practicing A.A.’s spiritual principles, I’ve realized my secret lovers and enemies are hidden “strangers.”  My willingness to love strangers and neighbors outside me allows me the love those within, they were waiting for me.  I willingly embrace both the good and bad, as I discover and uncover their presence.  I am willing to share all of me.  When I was fifteen years old I believed I would never have someone who would let me love them with all the love I had.  It was me blocking me.  When I surrendered all of me to our Father, trusting beyond and deeper than words, my hidden love began to flow.  Before A.A. our Father was my “stranger.”  Willingness to love is a starting point for the reintegrating all loves into One Love.  I can now say with confidence; “Our love is a healing power touching everyone, everything into Wholeness, Holiness.”  There is a stranger at our door, let’s open it.  Thy Love, Thy Will be done.