Timeout Mentally

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is mental. I decided to take some time-out mentally and relax my mind, but I can’t stop thinking about it. Yesterday I decided to take a nap and rest my body and mind but I “had” to work on my tax-prep, so I was too busy. To make up for not taking a nap I decided to go to bed early but I “had” to watch a one-time TV program. I could have recorded it and watch it later, but I “had” to know who won. I don’t think I like other people telling how great the ending was. Yesterday was Sunday, so I shouldn’t have a long to-do list, but I managed to think too much about the few to-do’s on my unwritten list. To make up for my not napping I decided to extend my two meditations but my mind would not shut up. I have a stop sign at my office to remind me to shut up. However, I was at home, but I thought about how useful that stop sign could be. I thought of the times when doing nothing to accomplish everything better, but I could not remember how I did not or think not long enough to do nothing. I am going to stop thinking about not thinking and turn to our Father once again asking for His Love, His Will and His tender mercy; I think this is a good plan. Come let us stop thinking too much together. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.