Accepting The Gifts Already Given “Pay Forward” # 159 

I Greet Indwelling Giver.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Accepting The Gifts Already Given.  “Be yourself.  Everyone else is already taken” (Oscar Wilde).  Throughout history, it’s written or suggested that we will never be happy trying to be someone or do something to please others.  I choose to be and to do the individual our Father intended.  We have a guidance system telling us when we are in or out of alignment with that individually Divine Design, we are.  We can become fluent in our first language, silence, and understand the signal.   When we are truly grateful and loving, we realize our Father, as our Source of life, we are in alignment with His grace as our unique place.  We experience an intuitive union with our created Self deeper than words; we are at-one-ment with His Holy intent.  Practicing A.A.’s way of life fosters our awakening; we intuitively experience A.A. Promises being fulfilled.  We care enough about others to want to be of service; the desire to make good difference flows from within out into the world.  Our personal “reality” is enlisted into our Father’s loving service.  Like Johnny Apple-seed, we plant love seeds along our Spiritual journey’s pathway Home.  Clearly all we really need to complete our purpose in life has already been given.  We need only to step back and relax in our Father’s loving embrace.  Come let us be about our Father’s Business, and loving one another as He Loves us.  Thy Love, Thy Will be done.