“Turn To Me And I Will Give You, Eyes To See” “Pay Forward” # 157

I Greet Indwelling Messenger.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift – is – “Turn To Me And I Will Give You, Eyes To See” - In my meditation, I was told that by The Holy Spirit of Truth.  I finely forgave my dad.  I realized how many times he tried to express his love for me, and I was blind to it.  Example, when I was thirteen years of age, I was on my school’s track team.  I didn’t have track shoes, so I ran barefooted.  Our school was in a race meet, just before I was to run my dad showed up with a pair of track shoes for me.  I was really surprised but not grateful, as I remember.  Our Family was very poor at the time, making his gift special.  As I began my sober life, practicing A.A. spiritual principles, I recalled a number of times when my dad tried to express his love me, but it wasn't the “right” kind or enough, according to me.  When I came back from the Korean War, he gave me a job with the promise of a partnership, if I worked at it.  Most days I didn’t draw a sober breath, and I did not produce anything of value.  Later, he paid for my detox.  I have a long list of his generosity, but you get the point.  When the blinders came off I could see clearly how wrong and self-centered I was.  The gift of love and forgiveness is precious.  Thy Love, Thy Will be done.