Who Am I Depending On? “Pay Forward” Gift # 224

I Greet The Indwelling Presence.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - Who Am I Depending On?  “To your own self be true and like the night follows the day you cannot be false to any man.”  Happiness and fulfillment is an “inside job.”  Only seeking that individual we are created to be, can we be joyful, happy and free.  Ask yourself these questions: Who am I trying to please?  Am I trying to please our Father?  Am I serving humanity as well as myself?  The effectiveness of anything I am doing depends on my Source, so who is my Source?  My cares fall away when I choose not to be something someone else wants me to be, and choose to be that someone our Father intended.  Only our Creator and our Higher Self can fully know us.  Demanding another to respect or honor our life and works leads to disappointment.  Even my love ones and family have a hard time understanding my ongoing increasing interest in Spiritual matters and service.  Someone close to me tells me that I should be doing something of real value and stop wasting my life on a useless mission.  I have a driving need to give of myself in loving service, seeking to be the individual I am created to be.  I seek to make our Father’s Will, Love my delight.  Glory-seeking serves as a sign that I am not enlightened and off my mission path.  Come let us love one another by being our True Self.  Thy Love, Thy Will be done