Contacting Our Higher-Self “Pay Forward” #11

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Contacting Our Higher-Self. I know it is our Father who created each of us, realizing that’s our Higher-Self, not our personal “reality”, we made that up. Knowing that, why don’t I live like it 24/7? I need only need to for His help and mean it and I’m given to tools to work with. One of these tools is total ownership of my personal “reality” I made up and to total surrendering it to our Father and accept and honor my Higher-Self. Another one of these tools is the use of affirmations and then using them. It is You, Father within me doing the works that we call life. There is one life that life is perfect that life is our Father’s Life, that life is all life, that life is my life. Meditate on the Truth, that of our Father’s Will and His Love is freely given to our Higher-Self, to live, move and have our being. Building a new Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and social equivalent of our Father’s Will and His Love, meditate on that. Day by day consciously and consistently live these affirmations and become an open channel for our Father’s communications. When we affirm a statement of Truth we are claiming and appropriating that which is ours, building our new personal “reality”. Let us join forces with our Father at deeper depths of our being, a place of rebirth and transformation, the awakening to our Higher-Self. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.