Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is physical. Before Alcoholics Anonymous, my physical body and physical world were busy trying to recover. As long as my health is good, which it is now, I don’t give my physical body much praise. However, just let my physical body or world experience a little discord, and I’ll give it too much attention to it. Now-a-days I wouldn’t think of starting my day without my Spiritual and mental prep-work and a little physical maintenance. I remind myself and those I share the Program with, about the miraculous physical body we have. Our Father within is transforming what we eat and drink into flesh, bone, thoughts and feelings, in other words, everything the physical body is. I can’t do that, can you? The Divine Presence within is not idle, but quietly living us. Just because we cannot see, touch, or fully comprehend the invisible workings with our senses does not prevent its mighty accomplishments in union with our Father. Through prayer and meditation, our consciousness is enlisted into our Father’s miraculous service. This mighty work within is causing our heart’s desire to unfold before our very eyes. Let us set aside a little time each day to praise our Father’s physical handy-work. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.