Start Your Day With A “Pay Forward” Gift - Passing It On Is Love’s Awakening

This is the Third Edition of “PAY FORWARD” -365 New Daily Gifts To Share.

Al Kohallek continues to be inspired by the “Pay Forward’s” Plan Of Action; sharing the gift of ourselves, with those we love and those we don’t. In the movie Pay It Forward; young Trevor responds to a school assignment with a plan to help three people who will, in turn, help three more, and so on, in an ever-widening circle. However, Trevor touches more people than he expected, including his abused mother, his physically and emotionally scarred teacher and a journalist who’s investigating the plan. Trevor’s plan sounds like, the pass it on principle of Alcoholics Anonymous’ plan of action that a great many of us have experienced, beginning with our co-founders, Dr. Bob and Bill. We are suggesting for our prep-day to pray and meditate; improving our conscious contact with our Father. Let us seek and find everything we need to practice our plan of action, one day at a time. We are suggesting that we share “Today’s Pay Forward” gift. Using “Today’s Pay Forward” gift each day will increase its effectiveness and make a good difference. We will have a lot of fun sharing this and make a good difference, if you choose. Come. Let us “Pay Forward” together.

This Third Edition of “Pay Forward” is a gift offering to celebrate my 62nd A.A. Birthday. I pray you find it useful. I’m so deeply grateful for our Father’s loving mercy and grace, and for Alcoholics Anonymous’ serendipity journey I’ve been given and for all those who share their life with me. I am devoted, dedicated and committed to be and to do our Father’s Love and Will, known and unknown 24/7. I know there is an infinite intelligence within each of our Father’s creatures that takes the food we eat and transform it into everything we call life. As long as we are alive that Divine Intelligence is Presence, no matter what we have done or not done. I fall far short of my heart’s desire to live our Father’s Love and Will daily. I fear others would not forgive me if they knew just how short that is.

Knowing our Father’s infinite Presence is within you and me why don’t I act like it 24/7? It must be the extraordinary power of our habits of thoughts and feeling. By grace we are given the tools we need to rewrite and rewire our personal “reality” by practicing A.A.’s Spiritual Principles in all our affairs. My greatest Hero, our Father’s beloved Son tells us to forgive one another if needed seven times seventy and it will be done.  Thy Love, Thy Will be done.