A 40-day Radical Training Commitment Theme For Day 4 – Focusing On Assertiveness “Pay Forward” #83

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - Radical Training Theme For Day 4 – Focusing On Assertiveness. Directly and indirectly I am using this “Radical Training” commitment to become a more skillful “assertor.” I agree with those who say that alcoholics without recovery respond to life’s problems in a childish and immature way. Those who are practicing A.As’ spiritual principles in all their affairs are more likely to respond as a mature adult, in other words they are skillful asserting themselves. In A.A. meetings, we are likely to hear things which encourage assertive behavior. “Easy Does It.” “First Things First.” “Live and Let Live.” “Let Go And Let God.” “Take Your Own Inventory.” “Honesty, Willingness and Open-Minded, The Three Essentials.” “Carry The Message Not The Alcoholic.” “Those We Resent - Own Us.” “Use The “F”word Often = (“F”)orgive.” Al Anon’s Three C’s, “I didn’t cause it, I can’t control it and I can’t cure it.” Assertiveness offers us great benefits: 1) It allows us to relate to others with less conflict, anxiety, and resentment, and more relaxed. 2) It allows us to focus on the present, and retain our self-respect without trampling over others. 3) It increases self-confidence and not having to live up to another’s standards. 4) It acknowledges the rights of other people. 5) It allows us to stand up for our beliefs, expressing the love we are, without hostile demands, letting each of us to be ourselves. 6) Its paying attention to God’s intention. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.