A 40-day Radical Training Commitment Theme For Day 3 – “Giving Of Myself” “Pay Forward” #82

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - Radical Training Theme For Day 3 – “Giving Of Myself.” Those people, who were at peace with themselves, and the world when I arrived at Alcoholics Anonymous, had what I wanted. Their life was centered on sharing the gifts received by the grace of a Higher Power. I run across a copy of my A.A. journey time-line, written long-ago. It’s fun being reminded of the ways we were giving of ourselves during the early years of my A.A adventure. I wanted then and now to do and to be His Love and Will with both a childlike, and adult innocence. Our Father communicates with us in many ways, 24/7. I pray that we may become more fluent in His Language. I caught up in too much useless chatter this morning; I need to Golden Key it, [stop dwelling on the problems and think of some attributes of the Boss]. I have an A.A. meeting, shortly; I’ll share some of my early experience, which always helps. I have a backlog of computer work to do, however my computer, phone and TV went down. I ask our father for help and once again my needs were taken care of in a way I know our Father was doing for me what I could not do. I had lots of time to practice today’s theme. “We love because it is the only true adventure” Nikki Giovanni. Love offers us an endless space to grow. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.