When Wrong Is Right “Pay Forward” Gift # 76

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – When Wrong Is Right. Yesterday I woke up thinking about something I knew was wrong. Sure enough I was right about it being wrong. I followed up my wrong idea with a wrong action. I was right about how I was going to feel about carrying out what I knew was wrong. After I experienced a little guilt and punishment, which is a drug, I restarted my day with a little forgiveness and some prayer and meditation. My wrong was proof positive that I cannot get by with thinking and or doing a wrong. Too bad I have to have proof that I can no longer get by with a little bad once in a while. The good, the bad, and the indifferent are part of my serendipity spiritual journey. It is not what happens or doesn’t happen that matters it is how I react to it. Alcoholics Anonymous has shown me how to restart my day. If I had not experienced some really bad stuff, I wouldn’t have sought our Father for help, which gave me a wonderful way of life. A.A. has shown me how to deal with the termites and the extremes problems. Too much thinking, actions or feelings are not good for me; neither is lazy thinking, action nor feelings. Each time I return to our Father, I am re-centered, for the moment; with purpose, and I'm refreshed. I'm reminded that it is our Father within doing the works we call life. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.