Crossing Out Our Illusions “Pay Forward” #75


Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - Crossing Out Our Illusions. The worse day of life was February 6, 1957. Every area in my life was bankrupted; I had failed at being a worthwhile human. I could no longer deny my uselessness, powerlessness. I had in deed hit my bottom, with no way out. It turned out to be my “Good Friday.” The beginning of my re-birth. I am able to understand why the Crucifixion of Jesus is called – “Good Friday.” The word crucifixion means the crossing out in consciousness of certain errors that has become fixed states of mind, the letting go of the carnal mind, the personal “reality.” Calvary means “the place of a skull. “My God, my God why hast thou forsaken me?” It is here that the final battle is fought. Every time we own and surrender an old habit of thought and feeling; part of our personal “reality” - there is a “crucifixion.” What seems to be the worse time of life turns out to be a true blessing? Every time our Father transforms one of our defects into an asset, the process of death and re-birth becomes a reality. With an enlightened self-interest I own my selfishness that I may surrender it and unite with our Father’s grace. The spiritual process of A.A. embodies the crucifixion and re-birth. The saying, “Thank God It’s Friday” takes on a whole different meaning. I am truly grateful for what my Hero, Jesus for showing us the Way. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.