Will I Ever Forgive Everyone “Pay Forward” #57

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - Will I Ever Forgive Everyone at all levels? I often think I have, and then some old judgment pops up, mainly about not forgiving me. We are attached to those we have not forgiven. That, means I’m attached to my “not-wanted” side and other unwelcome beings. Once a un-forgiver always a un-forgiver, I write this in the spirit of the principle, “Once and alcoholic always an alcoholic.’ OK, Father I surrender it to you, "Once a depend-er on You, Father always a depend-er on You." This too, I surrender to You, the One Source of Life, in which each of us is an expression. We are the effects of that One Cause; proof of His Omnipresence in this world. It’s when I get the Cause and effect mixed up that I fall into a ditch. There is One Life - that Life is perfect - that Life is God's Live - that Life is my/our Life here and now. My prayer is for the closing the curtain on our ordinary thinking and feeling, opening up the conscious union with that indwelling Presence. We are in effect repenting, changing directions, opening ourselves to the Divine Therapist. This can re-align us with our Father and our Higher Self. “The time has come...Thy Kingdom...is near" (Mark 1:15). I say yes, to His healing process. I say yes, to His Presence, and to His Actions. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.