The Omnipresence Dwelling Within “Pay Forward” #41

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – The Omnipresence Dwelling Within. A.A. tells us that we may choose our understanding of our Higher Power. One that we can adapt to our particular temperament and natural disposition. As we begin to practice A.As’ spiritual principles our understanding will be transformed into a spiritual reality, and have the wisdom to dispense with our “too small of God.” We become aware that the Divine Spirit is above every method or practice. Our spiritual understanding, if we are active in our program, to be upgraded, as we forgive everyone and everything and serve others in their needs. Many believers think our Father; His Holy Spirit comes to dwell within as we dwell in a house. Nothing of the kind, I can dwell in a house without it becoming part of my being. I may leave it without suffering; no vital union exists between my house and me. This is not the way with His Presence within me. He penetrates our whole being, which He created each of us as. His Infinite Intelligence is the Power transforming all we eat into everything we call life. There is one life, and it is perfect, it is our Father’s Life, and mine, and yours. Alcoholics Anonymous’ spiritual tools chip away the resistance of our made up personal “reality” leaving Him a freedom to demonstrate His Loving individual Divine design, as He intended us to be. Thy Love, Thy Will Be done.