But Who Do You Say I Am? ”Pay Forward” #4

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - But Who Do You Say I Am? Do I have the courage to claim that I am - you are an individually Divine Design being; created as a child of our Father; in His image and likeness? Am I willing to claim my birthright? Which, is to live, move and have my being with the purpose I am given as a son of our Father, and accepting everyone’s inheritance as is, letting go of my judgment. The origin of the word courage is from the French word Coeur, which means “heart.” Do I have what it takes to share from my heart? Do I deserve to have the honor to be called a child of our Father? I am reminded that we cannot earn grace, it is freely given. It takes courage to surrender all of our personal “reality.” A willingness to die to the illusionary world view we made up that takes a heartfelt commitment. An old saying around A.A. is the only thing we need to change is everything we do, say, think and feel who we do it with and how we do it. If I am truly going to live as if I am His child; in His image and likeness, my selfish, self-centeredness has to be transformed by His grace into enlightened self-interest. That is to live my birthright because it is best for me, and it is. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.