Called To Service “Pay Forward” #31

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - Called To Service. Our Father’s creatures are individually Divine Designed; each with a mission. I intuitively know what we eat, drink and breathe is transformed into life. The Divine discontent I’m experiencing tells me that I need to answer my call (given purpose), and live it 24/7. I can no longer hide behind my denial about not consistently expressing my given purpose. Our Father whispers in our heart, mind and soul our heart’s desire; His Will. Throughout history people from every walk of life have shared their spiritual awakening. Example, Lazarus in the tomb represents someone in the Dark Night of the Spirit, (one feeling imprisoned and forgotten by God). The Holy Voice of God calls us forth from our darkness [denial]. “Jesus’ loud cry ordering Lazarus to come forth from the tomb.” Another example, the transformation of the butterfly. A caterpillar will eat all it can [I drank all I could]. It makes its prison, its cocoon [I imprisoned myself]. Breaking out of its self-imposed confinement it answers its creator’s call, becoming a butterfly, free, soaring above their prison. Then there is the Eskimo tribe known for their ivory carving. Turning the ivory over and over chanting, “I know you are in here, reveal yourself.” When they get an image in their mind, they carve it. I repeat to myself, I know you; my heart’s desire is within me, reveal Your-Self. Most alcoholics living A.A.’s spiritual journey of recovery will identify with these three examples. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.