Owning My Judgment “Pay Forward” #27

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - Owning My Judgment. I choose to forgive all of all, even myself. Perhaps it is more important that I am learning how to own the judgment that called for the need to forgive in the first place. I am building a new habit of love and compassion that holds no one bound, it’s easier than I thought. Of course it’s by grace, no wonder it’s not difficult. More-over, it’s based on Reality not my personal "reality," which is being upgraded even as I am writing this. Of course, this too is by our Father’s Loving grace. There is always a reason and a season, but I do not have to understand how to or why. I only need to remember to trust that our Father always knows best. Once again, I have witnessed an out pouring of love, given freely. I am assured of our Father’s consistent upgrade in which I am part of and a witness to how it works. I pray that I am not lukewarm in my conviction; proof of my abiding faith in our Father’s grace. I have learned in A.A. how important it is for me to deal with my selfish self-centeredness. When I really owned it I was able to surrender it completely to our Father, and He transformed it into an enlightened self-interest. It’s simple, like all good ideas; it’s better for us to give of ourselves, and what we want to keep, it multiplies. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.