The Greatest Gift “Pay Forward” #241

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – The Greatest Gift. To the outsider Alcoholics Anonymous if filled with paradoxes. When we are having a problem, instead of working on the problem first, we accept our powerlessness and then turn to our Source. If we are wise we ask that His Will be done not ours. We ask to be used, to find someone we can carry the message of hope. If we can just stop thinking about ourselves for a moment or two it is often enough. An effective talk at an A.A. meeting is when we can speak from our heart instead of our head, with a fine choice of words and an impressive delivery. It isn’t the number of years of sobriety that matters as much as one sharing their experience, strength and hope form their heart. I have seen a person with a few days sober speaking from their heart, with a new found way of life that moves the room to tears of gratitude. That’s far more effective than the most polished professional speaker. What does not come from the heart does not reach the heart. A sincere desire to help another, asking our True Source to use us, and to mean it when we say, “Thy Will be done,” will open our heart. Out of enlightened self-interest I want to be and to do our Father’s Love and Will and when I fall short I ask for forgiveness and find someone to serve. Opportunities to serve are waiting. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.