Alcoholics Anonymous – A Changing Paradigm “Pay Forward” #231

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - Alcoholics Anonymous – A Changing Paradigm. A worldview based on much of what is not new which seem to be hidden but never was lost, is reawakening. There is a great movement going on, which is changing the way we experience life, our personal “reality.” Science and religion had a great divorce long ago. They forgot why we were created and Who did it. Those on a true Spiritual Path were never fooled. There’s a movement toward a real reconciliation. A.As’ spiritual principles give us great tools for this healing. Our past defects can be transformed into assets. Indwelling Presence created a serendipity journey for us, an experience worth living for. There is a Power within each of us which can do for us what we cannot do for our self. We can learn through prayer and meditation to listen, and become fluent in our Father’s first language, silence. Converting A.As’ Twelve Traditions into the service is to practice these principles in all our affairs. The Creative Process is like a great thought, it cannot be measured or weighted but offers us infinite possibilities, we are no longer bound; we are free to choose once again. Co-Creating our day, upon awakening, I turn to our Father, and I ask to be guided throughout this day. I accept and live His Grace. It’s good for me to use the talents I possess; the rooms of A.A. would be very silent if no one shared except the best. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.