A Fast Start “Pay Forward” #229

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – A Fast Start. Let’s ask for guidance upon awakening, for the knowledge of our Father’s Love and Will for us and the power to carry it out. Doing this is reminding me who The Boss - my True Source really Is. I am not asking Him to bail me out, but I do want Him to let me know how to be and do what He created me for. I no longer want my defects removed, but I do want, with all of my heart, mind and soul to have each of my defects transformed into workable assets. I have received His grace, to some degree for four of my major defects: alcoholism, jealousy, violence and the “drug” guilt and punishment. Using the same spiritual principles as He did for my alcoholism. Having one recovered/recovering alcoholic to share with another alcoholic who hasn’t awakened yet. That process has given so many of us a real loving purpose in life. Our Father doesn’t rescue us or bail us out, more importantly He joins us in our difficulties and transforms them into assets, in which we can enjoy carrying out our Divine Designed purpose, His Love and Will. How many times have we heard – “I am grateful - I’m an alcoholic?” By His grace A.As’ spiritual principles are freely given, awakening us to a way of life that is far beyond anything we could have ever dreamed of. A labor of love, pass it on. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.