I Have Confidence In Myself When I Have Confidence In Our Father “Pay Forward” #225

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – I Have Confidence In Myself When I Have Confidence In Our Father. I find that I have whatever it takes to do and to be our Father’s Love and Will, as I understand it. I’m able to face my ups and downs on my serendipity journey given me by His mercy and grace. I did not create myself, nor do I transform what I eat into the Divine energy called life. The indwelling Presence created only one of each of us. Why would He do that if He did not have a purpose for each of us to express in this world? Why would He do such a thing if He didn’t want it done and supply us with all we need to carry it out? My personal “reality” has bought into and made-up illusions of separation, lack and limitations. A.As’ spiritual principles give us the tools to subtract and chip away those lies. We only need the desire and willingness to practice a few simple principles and we will awaken. In prayer and meditation - in secret - we improve our conscious contact with that Divine Presence within. Why not allow our Creator within to introduce Him or Her Self? We must give our consent by choosing who we will serve. Our transformation; our awakening is not an overnight process, but it will come with our cooperation, mostly by grace. A.A. is where miracles happen and promises are kept. Let us do our part! Thy Love, Thy Will be done.