Remember To Ask – What’s Next Father “Pay Forward” #222

Today’s “Pay Forward gift is - Remember To Ask – What’s Next Father. When we turn the Light on the imposed darkness disappears, So it is with our illusions. How simple it can be, if we choose. We are here and now for a purpose, because our Creator Wills it so. If we are willing to accept His grace we are given all we need to complete our journey. We need not beg for His Love because He is Love and so are you and I. We do not need to seek Wholeness that is our intended Divine Design, in an act of faith in His grace we open ourselves to the Natural Healing Process, We need not go off seeking great teachers to be taught; the greatest Teacher of Reality is within each of us. We have made up the judgments that call for the need for forgiveness, so we need to go within to wash away our illusions of blaming. We need not worry about the power or ability to carry out my purpose because our Father within is omnipresence and omnipotence. We don’t have to study day and night to be enlightened, because His Presence is Omniscience. We can stop worrying about our lack of communication skills, Let us be still and accept His promised wisdom. We need not concern ourselves about awakening; the Divine Presence within us never sleeps, and we are always welcome. Keep it simple, by trusting that all we need is already given before we ask. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.