Building A Mental equivalent “Pay Forward” #212

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - Building A Mental equivalent. I carried a crossword book around in my pocket to give the impression that I could read. I was only fooling myself. The ability to communicate came after I came to Alcoholics Anonymous. The mind that made me sick could not make me well. IBM was the first to use the slogan “Think” - they only needed one “Think” to convey their message. In our meeting room, we have a sigh with three “Thinks.” This gives us a little insight into the alcoholic mind, and other compulsive, addictive people. It is suggested that we think the least about the past, and not to spend too much time thinking about the future, but it is wise to dwell mostly in the present, in our Father’s Presence even makes it better. Went I first came to A.A. I didn’t know how to think sober thoughts, because I didn’t have a sober mind, and that was compounded by the fact I had very few verbal skills. One of the reasons to go to lots of A.A. meetings and to hang out with people that are living the Program, we are most likely to hear workable ideas. After a while, I became fluent in a sober thinking language. I’ve been on a learning quest for many years; I love good ideas, for living and for sharing something useful, as a labor of love. Whatever we focus our thinking on we will attract into our experience. Thy Love Thy Will be done.