In Which Fields Will I Seek Fulfillment? “Pay Forward” #195

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - In Which Fields Will I Seek Fulfillment? I must be a path of love and service. Which of the vine ripe fruit shall I gather and share, and who will I share with? Can I share from my heart as well as from my mind, body and soul out of enlightened self-interest? A.A. has given me the spiritual principles to live. I choose to accept these gifts and pass them on today? I do desire to have others love and respect me, but I cannot let that determine the course of my journey, only our Father can do that. I must deal with some of my selfishness that has not been transformed into enlightened self-interest. I pray that I’m not fooling myself or others into thinking I’m able to be more loving than I am. Father, if You Will send your angels to be in charge over me in all my ways lest I dash my foot against a stone and fall into an ego ditch unable to get out quickly. Negativity poisons my heart and mind, but loving grace and mercy restores me. What treasures can I dispense with confidence? “The more we live in the Wonder and welcome our placement in this very heart of Love, the easier it is to trust . . .to “release our fears” . . .to live without proclaiming certainties . . .to settle into this very core we can only call Love” Shelley Chapin Drake. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.