Being About Our Father’s Business “Pay Forward” #194

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Being About Our Father’s Business. I heard it said that we are to treat everyone and everything in our experience as if we asked for it, not as if we prayed for it. To be able to accept this, in all seasons I have to come to another belief, from a Bible writing (I don't recall where), before we ask our Father He has answered. I believe He answers before we ask is because He is speaking though each of us 24/7 - of His love and wisdom. In other words telling us what we are to ask for. However, His message passes through our personal "reality" filter system, so His Divine Loving Wisdom gets watered down. What He is giving us is loving and good but our limited understanding and short sightedness filters it into something, too often that doesn’t even resemble His grace. What if we practice His Presence at each beginning, each shift in our consciousness? That would re-center our awareness into accepting Him as our primary Source. We would open up and receive His loving guidance. Let our prayers and meditations take us into a communication that is deeper than words. Into a direct union with our Father within doing the works called life. We are drawn to those we are to share our life as we go about tending our Father's Business, His way is so endlessly delicious and fulfilling. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.