Our Father’s First Language Is Silence “Pay Forward” #191

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Our Father’s First Language Is Silence. Are we practicing our first language silence when we are writing? My deepest love takes place within the silence. Perhaps that’s because I can freely express it without fear of rejection. I am reminded that my deepest love is without conditions; however, even my unconditional love remains unfulfilled until I share it with another. Is my writing a real demonstration of love? Surely my love is safe enough if I share it silently. The question is, that really sharing my love or is it hiding behind rationalizing? When I am able to share from my heart, mind and soul my writings, awakens gratitude within me, which come by grace only. We can make long list of things we are grateful for, and perform great acts of love, but I cannot make myself experience love or gratitude. They are an awakening to an unearned grace. I pray that my daily writing are useful; a worthwhile service. I will never know how many people read and practice my daily writings. Do they count as an expression of an unconditional love? Am I really loving and worshiping our Father in spirit/consciousness and Truth/Reality? Isn’t that the faith I need, however faith without works is dead. “The Lord is in His temple; let all the earth be silent before Him” Habakkuk. Isn’t His temple within each of us? Well, enough questions for this day. I better go to a meeting. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.