Transforming My Handicaps “Pay Forward” #183

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Transforming My Handicaps. When I hit my bottom as an alcoholic I felt as if it was a handicap, and I would have to live with it the rest of my life. That hopelessness moved me to unrelenting thoughts of suicide. As I began living A.As’ spiritual principles, I experienced the possibility that I could live with my “handicaps.” As the result of working A.As’ program I awakened to the reality that my “handicap” (alcoholism) had been transformed into a workable asset. For the first time I believed that my life had a real purpose. What about my other defects - “handicaps?” I asked myself; why not work A.As’ spiritual principles on all of my defects? Each time I applied A.As’ Steps and Traditions, to some degree that defect (“handicap”) was transformed into a workable asset. Much like, one alcoholic share with another alcoholic. “When we learn to fall, we learn that only by letting go our grip on all that we ordinarily find precious—our achievements, our plans, our loved ones, and our very selves—can we find, ultimately, the most profound freedom. In the act of letting go of our lives, we return more fully to them” Philip Simmons. Once I learned how to practice A.As’ spiritual principles in my alcoholic recovery, it was like raising rabbits. We get a pair, and no sooner than we learn how to take care of them, the next thing we know they multiply. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.