I believe - Help My Unbelief “Pay Forward” #16

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - I believe - Help My Unbelief. But, how is such faith to be obtained? We need to go to the one Source and accepting our unbelief, and ask Him for our needs, and count on Him to supply us. Faith is not money by which our healing, fulfillment can be purchased from our Father. Like all of His gifts, it comes by grace, unearned. The Lord’s prayer is a good place to start and end each day, and even once in a while during the day. This great prayer is a compact formula for the development of our created purpose. When we ask for our daily bread we can consciously include our need for an upgraded faith. We can trust that He already knows what it will take for us to complete the individually Divine Design He created us as. “Thy Kingdom come Thy Will be done.” Is our simple affirmation of our awakening faith? It’s good to believe in the future. However, let us give of ourselves, the gift that keeps on giving; believe in our Father’s Presence here and now. Our prayers are giving our hearts, minds and soul directions to something that is unlimited. As we receive the gift of grace let us pass it on. A.A. offers us the opportunity, ways and means to do so. “Let love alone speaks: the simple desire to be one with the Presence, to forget self, and rest in the Ultimate Mystery” (Father Thomas Keating). Thy Love, Thy Will be done.