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- 1 AA and I At One I believe many of us which have chosen to practice this A.A. Program as a way of life, believing it to be our Creator’s Will for us, as we understand it. Created in the image and likeness of the greatest Spiritual Teacher ever, realizing we have some characteristics in common; Love, Healing, Forgiveness, Teaching, Awakening, Empowering, Enlightening, Enriching, Communicating, and Co-creating. These characteristics fulfill my heart’s desire.
001 Upon Awakening Al Kohallek (Alcoholic) asked Lou-is Pazeniton (Lou is passing it on) for an affirmation, prayer or something to start the day when he first awakened. Otherwise, whatever his mood was when he awakened colored his whole day. The following was Lou-is suggestion.
002 Fourth Dimension “I was soon to be catapulted into what I like to call the fourth dimension of existence.” (Alcoholics Anonymous page 8) That was Bill W.’s experience but what about me?
003 Are you limiting your gifts? Are You Fishing For Whales Or Minnows?
004 Guilt And Punishment The Drug of choice The most widely used drug is Guilt and Punishment - It is a temporary fix.
005 Gift Of Denial Denial can be a special gift of grace.
006 A 40-Day TriPartnership A great way to work through a project (like the 12 Steps of our Program).
007 Back To The Basics These Three Spiritual Gifts Are The Real UnSpoken Basics. Yes, we understand that we have to consider our primary addiction but these Spiritual Gifts go to the core of life without them, we are Powerless, Loveless and unable to practice being the created individual we are.
008 Building Equivalents It is wonderful to have a Spiritual Awakening but a better one to stay awaken and practice that awakening Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and social equivalents.
009 Chip Away All That Is Not Part of the healing process of our Program is to chip away all that is not our individual Created self.
010 Anyway People are unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered, Love Them Anyway
011 Disempowering Habits Sharing some ideas about using our program, Alcoholics Anonymous to enable us to “practice these principles in all our affairs.”
012 AA PREAMBLE ( A PARODY ) In case you didn't know, Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship designed to administer to a bunch of ex drunks whose only qualifications for membership is that they cannot hold their liquor and don't want to learn how.
013 I must have decided In this human condition our power is most often determined by our decisions.
014 If You Were Busy If we would busy ourselves giving away everything we want, like love, forgiveness, kindness, understanding, we would find ourselves living the life we dreamed of.
015 Just An Un-Traditional Reminder We can use our Twelve Tradition like our Twelve Steps for all areas of our lives. We can use these powerful Traditions in this human condition for all types of relationships.
016 Let's Set The Record Stright We have failed many times, but we are not failures. We have been foolish, but we are not fools.
017 Love Your Enemies A wise Teacher once said that we need to love our enemy, and Emmet Fox once wrote that our only real enemy is our fear, so how am I to love fear?
018 Old dogs new tricks! However, we are not old dogs nor is our Alcoholics Anonymous Program, or our Workbooks or our Workshops a trick.
019 Paradigm Shift Alcoholics Anonymous – A New Paradigm for many = A new Worldview based on much of what is not new, hidden maybe but never lost – is reawakening.
020 Planting Seeds What ever you want more of in your life experience plant more of those seeds.
021 The Path to Liberation Alcoholics Anonymous is a pathway to liberation
022 The Core of Impatience Al Kohallek (Alcoholic) called on Lou-is Pazeniton (Lou-is passing it on), his sponsor for some guidance to work through one of his lifelong defects, impatience. Lou-is shares his experience with a solution which is working for him.
023 Then At Times At times I felt I was on a Serendipity Journey finding far more than I could dream. Then at times I felt I was alone in a far country with no means of support.
024 To Paraphrase To paraphrase is the restatement of a text or passage in another form or other words, often to clarify its meaning. Expressed in other words can become a useful personal teaching aide.
025 Watch Out For Termites Termites destroy more property than all the fires, floods, wind, and hail, and so it is with relationships. These "little" guys can undermine the foundation of any relationship.
026 What Ever Happen To ...? Based on Spiritual Principles the A.A. Program will work if we can live it. If we are going through a natural transformation cycle it does not mean the Program isn't working, it could mean that we are going through a Spiritual transformation.
027 Who's Responsible? I searched for the answer to this question, who is responsible for the solution for a great many years and could never find an answer I could live for or with, until it became so simple.
028 Who’s Using These Works? When we began doing Workshops, Retreats and Study Groups a great many years ago we set them up as open to all who may find them useful. I am so grateful that we did because I have learned so much from others that were, that are not alcoholics.
029 Winners And Losers We hear in meetings “stick with the winners,” who are these winners and losers?